Celebrate Your Name With Little GuruSkool

Celebrate the sights, sounds and colors of India as each letter of your child’s name brings to life an Indian celebration! Connect your kids to culture in a fun and unique way with our whimsical customized book, ‘Celebrate Your Name.’ Play, learn and grow together by sharing our illustrations and playful rhymes that weave together a magical story to spell out your child’s name.

What’s in a name? A for Aum or Agni, B for Bhangra or Bihu? Find out by entering a name in our instant preview feature to view your own custom book online in seconds! Imagine India with us in every letter!

How It Works
1) Enter a name and instantly preview your custom book

2) Place your order online for only $29.99

3) We will print and ship your book in 5 business days

Kids of any age, especially 2-7 year olds will love reading this book. ‘Celebrate Your Name’ also makes a thoughtful gift for baby showers, naming ceremonies and birthdays.

Join our Facebook party on Thursday, August 28, 2014 as we launch our new book! You will have the opportunity to participate in an author’s Q&A, trivia games, and caption contests among other activities for a chance to win exclusive prizes or even a special customized book for your child!

Red Patang, an online store of unique Indian-inspired gifts, will be joining the party and giving away prizes from their Chumbak collection of magnets! Invite your friends to join the celebration… and be sure to say hello!

RSVP at our Facebook event here!

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