Sing the Songs of Onam!

Kuttanadan Punjayile
Thai Thai Thaka Thai Thai Thomx
Kochu Penne Kuyilale
Thithatha Thithai Thai
Kottu Venam Kuzhal Venam
Kurava Venam
O Thithithara Thithithai
Thithai Thithai Thaka Thai

Do you hear those words? That is the sound of Onam! Onam is the biggest and most important festival of the year in Kerala. This harvest festival is celebrated across the state for over two weeks and began this year on September 7th. 

These Onam songs are collectively called ‘Onapattukal’ and undoubtedly add to the vibrancy of the festivities. These songs are carried forward from generation to generation and people take great pleasure in singing them. As the festival of Onam is celebrated to welcome the holy spirit of legendary King Mahabali, most of the songs are in praise of him.

Apart from songs centering around King Mahabali, other types of songs are also sung on Onam, such as the Boat Songs called ‘Vanchipattu,’ sung during the grand Snake Boat Race. ‘Vallamkali,’ the Snake Boat Race, held on the river Pampa is a colourful sight to watch, with a decorated boat oared by hundreds of boatmen amidst chanting of songs and cheering by spectators. It is indeed a treat for the eyes, witnessing young men and women dressed in their traditional attire, making merry singing melodious folk songs.

See more photos from the celebration this year here!


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