Indigo India

Indigo – the color that changed the world, has a special significance to us at Little GuruSkool. The word indigo means “from India.” How can we not love a color that is named for this vibrant country? The rich blue hues of indigo were a natural choice for us for our new book cover and brand colors.

One of the world’s oldest dyes, indigo has been used for centuries and still is exported all over the world. Indigo cultivation is thought to have existed in the Indus Valley (present-day Pakistan and northwest India) more than 5,000 years ago. They called it “nila” (meaning “dark blue”), and as good things often do, it spread. By the time European traders arrived in Goa in the early 1500s, Indian indigo was one of the goods they took home (along with embroidered silks and nutmeg and camphor from Indonesia).

Once dyed, this plant-based color is so colorfast it can last for centuries, even millennia. Although we love seeing the color indigo in paintings, sarees, fabrics and of course, jeans, one of our favorite applications of this color is in traditional Lehariya block printing which has kept the tradition of indigo dying alive in Jaipur, India. The intense craftsmanship and human labor that goes into the art of stripe tie and dying is an incredible experience to witness. Here at Little Guruskool we are continually inspired by the deep roots that indigo has in our culture!

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