It’s National Yoga Month!

Throughout September, we celebrate this ancient Indian tradition to increase awareness about the numerous health benefits of yoga. We at Little GuruSkool believe that teaching yoga from a young age will help kids develop this wonderful habit that will benefit them for life! We encourage you to try yoga at home with your child for just ten minutes a day as it’s a fun way to get them engaged in a physical activity that will help them feel more focused, calm and less stressed.

Read on for three of our favorite kid-friendly yoga poses to try at home today from yoga expert Kimberly Lipson from Your little yogis will be saying ‘namaste’ before you know it. View photos for each pose here.

Bridge: To accomplish this position, have your child lie on her back and bend both knees so that her feet are flat on the ground. Have her bring her heels as close to her  bottom as she  comfortably can and then lift her  hips high to the sky. Most kids have a very flexible spine, so they can press their hips up very high. This pose is also great for leg strength, ankle stability and energy.

Downward Facing Dog: Instruct your child to begin on hands and knees and then tuck their toes and lift their bottom high so their body and the mat create a triangle, pressing their chest forward with her head hanging down. Instead of allowing kids to stand on their tiptoes, which may happen naturally, have them focus on keeping their feet firmly on the ground, bending their knees if needed.

Butterfly Pose: This pose is great for opening the hips and a good stretch for the ankles. It is very important to remind the yogis to sit up straight. The more the crown reaches for the sky, the more of a spinal stretch and hip stretch the body receives. Push down on the knees or thighs with their elbows as they  keep their feet pressed together allows the hips to open up more.

Photo Credit: Yogi Beans

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