What’s Cooking?

The spirit of Navratri is in the air! It is common for many people in North and Western India to observe fasts during this festive period. Navratri occurs during the change in seasons, when fasting helps detoxify our body by abstaining from foods that are difficult to digest. In our busy modern lives, even if we can’t observe strict fasts for nine days, it helps to be mindful of our diet and eat light and nutritious meals during Navratri.

It’s a good idea to avoid or cut back on alcohol, meat, grains and normal salt (substitute with rock salt instead). To help you plan your Navratri detox, here’s a simple traditional recipe for Sabudana Khichadi, which is sure to be a hit with the kids as well! This nutritious and tasty dish can be prepared ahead and eaten for breakfast or as a snack.

RaksKitchen.com shares a version that includes simple ingredients such as sabudana (sago pearls), potatos, green chillies, lemon, peanuts, ghee, jeera, mustard and curry leaves. Try it yourself at home and let us know what your little ones think!

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